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Is it me or are these popcorn patterns just wonderfully cute!, well my sister Chelsea seems to love them, so i decided for her birthday to stitch her one of the many designs she liked :)

I'm not completely sure were i got this design from, i think it was the cross-stitcher mag but i wouldn't bet my life on it :D. Anyway this one took me about 20 hours to complete and i improvised with the eyes because I'm useless at french knots so i used beads instead!

The pink ribbon edging took so long that i wasn't sure whether it would ever get done, and more than once i contemplated going out and just buying her a present but i stuck it out and I'm glad i did!

P.S. in the original post i asked for some help deciding what to do with the finished popcorn design and i would like to thank you all for your advice it was really appreciated

Christmas At Home

Today i woke up and was in the mood to stitch so i thought i might as well stitch some another Christmas card, because lets face it you can never have too many! Also it might help with the fact that it really does not feel like Christmas this year, i think its because I'm getting older! :)I thought this pattern was really cool and funny so i desided to stitch it but the gold thread was terrible to work with, not my favourite DMC product!

Also did i tell you about the little competition me and my sister Chelsea have every year because she is diabetic! Well the aim is to stay away from anything sweet, like chocolate, cake, sweets, ice cream and other things like that for the two weeks running up to Christmas day. If one of us fails we have to buy the winner an extra Christmas gift as a declaration of the winners superme will power! :) hehehe. Oh there is one way for my sister to get around this and that is to take a funny turn which means that she need sugar to lift her blood sugar l…

First timer

Hello to the bloging world :). this is my first blog that i have ever created and im looking forward to writing about the projects im currently undertaking and the ones i plan to do i the future.

This blog is mainly to keep a journal of the things i make and do, and also to connect me to other blogs and their authors. To inspire me in future projects and to educate myself on things i know very little about!

I think im going to have alot of fun with this!