Monday, December 18, 2006


Is it me or are these popcorn patterns just wonderfully cute!, well my sister Chelsea seems to love them, so i decided for her birthday to stitch her one of the many designs she liked :)

I'm not completely sure were i got this design from, i think it was the cross-stitcher mag but i wouldn't bet my life on it :D. Anyway this one took me about 20 hours to complete and i improvised with the eyes because I'm useless at french knots so i used beads instead!

The pink ribbon edging took so long that i wasn't sure whether it would ever get done, and more than once i contemplated going out and just buying her a present but i stuck it out and I'm glad i did!

P.S. in the original post i asked for some help deciding what to do with the finished popcorn design and i would like to thank you all for your advice it was really appreciated


AngelSan said...

I never know what to make things into. I usually end up making frames. When i stitch for someone, I first think about what they would like. Do they need decorations? Do they have an item that you could stick the design onto? A photo album, a case, a bag?

BTW, your pictures are all blurry: take them in daylight (even if you're inside, but outside gives best results), with the macro setting, keep the camera at least 50 cm from the design, take your time and be calm so your hands won't move at all, and shoot. It will take loads of practice, don't worry.

If you can, use a scanner. No blurry pictures, and the colours remain true to the design (can't say that much for pictures I'm afraid)

Jules said...

Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Looks like you've been busy. Don't worry about the photo's - you should have seen mine when I first started - at least you can tell what yours are - mine could have been anything!