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Cup of tea anyone....

I spent all week trying to finish course work and my god its boring i think ill just have my own craft shop with my mum when im older. Then i will be able to sit and stitch all day long with a nice hot cup of tea and you never now i might even extend a cafe on to the side so people can come and have a cuppa and stitch if they get sick of being in the house! what do you think!!

In othe news because of my school work i havent had time to stitch which is killing me! Hopefully i'll get some time to stitch at the weekend :)


mums gift

Last christmas my mum asked me to do a me to you teddy for her in cross stitch and everything was perfect untill it came to the back stitch and then i messed the hole thing up i am so bad at tatty teddy its unbelievable so i told my mum id have to do something else insted and this is what i found!

The pic is'nt every good but if you get the mag cross stitcher then you'll know that its havey! i really hope she likes him.sammyjo xP.S thank you for the lovly comment glenna