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im back

Serious blog neglect, sorry i've just been so busy that i totally forgot to post! :)

Hollie's birthday was ages ago, and although theres no more cake left, there is one thing she still has to show for turning 12. This is the finished cross-stitched pillow i stitched for her that was a really lovely pattern to stitch as it was not too big to make it bore me after a while! The ribbon aroung the edge took FOREVER to stitch on but i like how it looks so all is forgiven! :)

The next project is this margret serry design from a stitching mag, its the letter c with one of her adorable cats! i love this one :)

Again this wont take to long stitch so i wont get sick, which happens alot with bigger projects!
Untill next time!
sammyjo xx


you know when you get that feeling like you have to do somthing nice but dont Know what. well that was me on monday for red nose day untill a freind asked me to help her, when i asked what she needed she said that she needed me to starve for 24 hours!!!!

dont worrie she isnt tring to kill me i am doing a sponsored 24 hour famine wont that be fun from 8 am friday till 8am 0n saturday i cant have anything to eat so far ive been sponsored £30

no food for that long what ever will i do.....