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Teddy Darling

So if you go back a few months you'll see that i started a bear called harvey well harvey is all grown up now and he's ready to make some one smile ..... And i think that some one is my nan i think this will make a nice nail set case, what do you think? In other news i've been filling out forms for uni all week its scary to think how fast everything moves, so i'll be leaving home soon strange... Only problem is that i cant decide where to go!


After finishing the margret sherry design of the cat with the letter C, i had no idea what to do with it. So i thought i would have a go at making a case type thing for my stitching stuff such as patterns, sissors and needles and this is what i came up with....

It went from this.... To this..... There is a small patch for all my needles, a pocket foor my sissors, one for my pencils and pens and a large pocket for my patterns and mags.
I like this one but getting the hole in the front the right size for the cat was alittle annoying but i got there in the end!

Hi there

things have been so mad this last month ive had exams and work and my camara is playing up so i have lots to show you when my new carama comes in a day or two.


P.S. thank you for the coments on my cat with the C and in answer to your question yes i have alot of stitching to show you soon, thank you