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bedroom bomb

I think that my bedroom needs cleaning dont you, this is almost everything carfty i own and i have no-where to put it all as my bedroom is the size of a match box lol.

Its a good thing my mum wont dare go in my bedroom as she says that she would be tempting fate if she did lol.

I havent done much stitching this week as i've been working on homework.

P.S. thanx again for your kind comments.


It Take's Time

I haven't done much stitching in these last two days but i have started a race with my sister to see who can finish a latch rug first and so far where at the same point i don't have pic of Chel's rug but I'll get one for the next post as she has took it to are aunties for the week end and gets back later today.

That's Tiggers foot and the beginning of Eeyore.
The pattern is rather large as it also has Winnie the pooh and piglet, its going to take a long time to finish.



Not much going on this weekend but i have done a little stitching on the baby bee project its coming along quite nicely and i love the coulors, the pics alittle bulry i think i need a new camara lol

i also got some of the tatty bear done he only needs his outline and flowers doing and he'll be ready to make into a knitting needle case or sissor case for my mum for her birthday which is 5 days before mine.P.S The weathers been good, nice and sunny. Also thanks for your lovely comments its nice to know that i have readers.


Paper House

I have this bad habbit of keeping nearly every stitching pattern i come across "just incase i ever need it" and it started to get to the point where there was paper everywhere! So i bought these two note books to stitch all my patterns in, that way their all neat and in one place!

The added bonus is that im also obssessed with note books and im starting to have a nice collection of different ones! :) A little crazy i know

Newbie on the block

Last christmas i bought a cross stitch kit that i fell in love with and have only just got round to stating it i've been working on it for 3 weeks non stop and so far it's going well as i have not made one mistake (yeahy) its s cute. the pics not to good but its an althabet with babys as bee's its going to be put into my baby basket when its finished and made into a wall mount for my first babys room.
P.S. the baby room will not be for a few years, im thinking 25 onward if everything goes to plan so keep reading and one day very far away, there might be pics of a baby scan and baby clothes!

Tatty and friends

This is tatty as you can see i have started my Christmas stitching as i have a lot to do this year i want special prezzies for everyone i might even have so spares for a give away we'll see.

I have two Tatty's on the go, mice with strawberries, Harvey and many more to do...

this is tatty number two, the pics not to good but it give you a idea of what he looks like.