Thursday, July 26, 2007

bedroom bomb

I think that my bedroom needs cleaning dont you, this is almost everything carfty i own and i have no-where to put it all as my bedroom is the size of a match box lol.

Its a good thing my mum wont dare go in my bedroom as she says that she would be tempting fate if she did lol.

I havent done much stitching this week as i've been working on homework.

P.S. thanx again for your kind comments.



yours truly said...

Your blog is sweet! I enjoyed my first visit very much! Your room looks worse than my son's (if that is possible!)but certainly more fun! I LOVE Bella and Ben! Happy crafting!

lena-lou said...

This looks like a nice lot of stash that you have, I had the tiny room room when I lived at home but I must say I loved it even if it did get in a mess :-))