Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Newbie on the block

Last christmas i bought a cross stitch kit that i fell in love with and have only just got round to stating it i've been working on it for 3 weeks non stop and so far it's going well as i have not made one mistake (yeahy) its s cute. the pics not to good but its an althabet with babys as bee's its going to be put into my baby basket when its finished and made into a wall mount for my first babys room.
P.S. the baby room will not be for a few years, im thinking 25 onward if everything goes to plan so keep reading and one day very far away, there might be pics of a baby scan and baby clothes!

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lena-lou said...

This is a cute design and what a nice idea to do things ready for when your future dreams start to happen :)
Enjoy being young yourself though for a very long time yet, 26 is a nice age to start thinking of having a baby ;-))
Have a lovely week!