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Hi im still here

Dont worry i havent done a runner i just havent had much to post lately with college work and all it gets on top of you sometimes and you forget there are other things besides working.

So because i have no crafty stuff to show you lot yet i thought id post some pics from my holiday in blackpool this summer but be warned some of the people in these pic are preety scary looking !

My mum and dad dont they look so sweet !

My littlest sis hollie

From the left: natile, hollie, sharon, me in the purple hat, my mum and chel my other sis

the scary lot what did i tell u creepy !
It was a good holiday, lots of fun and it might be the last one i go on for a while coz i go to
uni next year ( very, very scary).

My first love .........

I love the internet its the best thing after chocolate lol, its an easy way to make friends that live half way round the world the only thing thats bad about it other than the dangers of making friends online is that when your 100 persent sure the person you think your talking to is who you believe he or she is you can only ever talk to them online....... never mind that will just have to do.

I havent done much stitching because im back at college on monday so im making sure all my work is done but i have had time to come up with some ideas for xmas presents that i will share with you when i've sketched their patterns. most of the patterns will inclued cross stitched peices two i have my eye on are the tatty teddy and the somebunny on the frount of these mags, all i need is the threads and i can get started lol.