Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hi im still here

Dont worry i havent done a runner i just havent had much to post lately with college work and all it gets on top of you sometimes and you forget there are other things besides working.

So because i have no crafty stuff to show you lot yet i thought id post some pics from my holiday in blackpool this summer but be warned some of the people in these pic are preety scary looking !

My mum and dad dont they look so sweet !

My littlest sis hollie

From the left: natile, hollie, sharon, me in the purple hat, my mum and chel my other sis

the scary lot what did i tell u creepy !
It was a good holiday, lots of fun and it might be the last one i go on for a while coz i go to
uni next year ( very, very scary).

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