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Happy All Hallows Eve

I hope your all having a fun day to day lol i love hallowen mostly because i cant wait to have children of my own to dress up and throw a party for but untill then my sisters will have to do ! i couldn't take any pics of them as i have broken my camara somehow. Anyway my oldest younger sister is wearing my long sleved corset and pink punk skirt and my youngest is wearing her own clothes as she is to small to wear mine lol. They looked rather grovey as modern witches (i think their trying to tell me something about the way i dress!).Tonight i will be spending my time watching the nightmare on elm street collection and knitting a new pair of arm warmers to go with my nearly finished scarf.

good night everyone, have fun

P.S.the last of my posts was number 50 yeahy, thats in one year lol

Blankie block

Say hello to the first in a series of Christmas cross-stitches that will make up a blanket for me and my sisters to sleep under on Christmas eve, because every Christmas eve we all squash into one bed no matter how old we get!

I love these again by Margret Sherry, their so cute and the penguins are too cute!

Dark Nights

Dark nights are the reason i love winter that and it makes the hole season Christmasie and love it when it snows during the night it make it look so beautiful lol speaking of Christmas i bought so lovely fabric in Durham the other day for my xmas blankie

there's red xmas trees, green xmas trees, xmas wildlife, red christmas greetings, blue snowflakes and red with gold stars and the black with sparky stars and moons i bought to put away in case i find some thing to go with it coz i fell in love with it lol
And introducing tatty... he is finally finished and i hope mum will love him when i put him on the front of a photo album for her Christmas prezzie lol he took me nearly a year as i kept getting board with his outline but as they say better late than never! lol
haveanice halfterm brakelolsammyjo

Popcorn Again !

My oldest, younger sister is totally in love with popcorn and his friends so for christmas she asked me to make a friend to go with her popcorn door hanger i made for her bithday last year so her is what i've choosen to stitch her...

sammyjo P.S. thanxs for all the kind comments you've all been leaving they really cheer me up on a rainy day and we get alot of them here in england lol

Not Long Till Christmas........

.....well in stitching time away, i have as you have all seen already started stitching for christmas. the sooner you start the sooner you finish then i always have time to check to see if i've missed anything.
The first patch of my christmas blankie is nearly done but i need some help from you quilters out there, i was wondering if i should boarder each patch with christmas ribbon or only do a couple in ribbon and couple without ?
have a nice weekend sammyjo

Macmillen Is Go.....

I have finnaly finished the first in many of the christmas cross-stitches for the cards its raindeer with sparkley blue writting down the sides i love DMC metalics there so pretty lol

and i started my christmas blankit again its going to look so cute when its done but first i have lost more stitching to do.


My good god it going to winter soon and you can tell that from the weather up here its really getting cold on a morning baring in mind that leave the house at seven every morning lol so thats why i thought id knit this.....

Its a nice green sparkly scarf it really realy soft only problem is im running out of wool and it £2 a ball so i have to wait till tomorrow for my EMA lol
The christmas cards are coming long great we've finished four and i'll post the pics soon.

Hope your all having a good week

hi happy people

I have been inspired by the macmillin tea morning, me and my little sister chel are going to make and sell christmas cards at school and college for their trust its somethings that we can do together now that the dark nights are comming. Also i will be selling them on this blog if anyone is interested. thank you !
There's another favour i need to ask im in the middle of writting my personal statement for uni and having trouble so if anyone has any suggestions or advice i would be very greatful thanx !