Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy All Hallows Eve

I hope your all having a fun day to day lol i love hallowen mostly because i cant wait to have children of my own to dress up and throw a party for but untill then my sisters will have to do ! i couldn't take any pics of them as i have broken my camara somehow. Anyway my oldest younger sister is wearing my long sleved corset and pink punk skirt and my youngest is wearing her own clothes as she is to small to wear mine lol. They looked rather grovey as modern witches (i think their trying to tell me something about the way i dress!). Tonight i will be spending my time watching the nightmare on elm street collection and knitting a new pair of arm warmers to go with my nearly finished scarf.

good night everyone, have fun

P.S.the last of my posts was number 50 yeahy, thats in one year lol

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Sally said...

Hope you had a great Halloweeen!

Jessica went to school dressed up yesterday as 6th form were having a fancy dress day. She looked pretty scary!