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Maybe Alittle Crazy............

Do you remember these..........And this...............

well they have now become this........

My mum walked into my room last night to find me blasting my chemical romance at full volume, sicking this to my bedroom wall with blu tack and the first thing she asked was "have you finally gone crazy dear" my reply was that this helps me to see how many more flowers i need before it will fit my bed. she just laughedat me and walk out lol, ok so maybe i am a little crazy but thats good, right?Anyway so far this has taken me nearly five month and it isn't even completly sewn together but it is getting there. Have a nice weekend lol

It Snowed!!!!

It snowed on friday while i was on the bus to college, i was just sitting at the back of the bus reading 'Every Boy's Got One' by Meg Cabot when i looked up it was snowing, it was so lovely to see snow after all the rain we've had lol.

This weekend was taken up by christmas prezzies, i have nearly finished hollie's strawberry nice book bag and mums tatty teddy bear pillow is also nearly done i just need to buy some more red cotton to finish it. I have also started making a pair of arm warmers because as you can see its getting rather cold here in england lol

im not sure about the colour but they keep me warm as the wool is very thick i think it feather(but i could be wrong lol).

have a nice week!


Ok so i was going through my room the other day and found a mountin of projects i never finished that i had hidden while my room was being decorated (i should be ashamed). so i used the hole weekend to sort out my room to make sure there were no other little projects playing hide and seek (there were no others thank god lol) and to finish of the ones i found.
The first one is a winne the pooh pillow cover that i have backed in red fur for chelsea for christmas.

I also found a unicorn cross stitch that have to take some pics of for next time.
Also i finished the green sparkly scarf for the cold mornings that have arrived and will be here untill next year lol but i think my lion bag has taken a liking to it !

Pins Or Needles ?

I have finished the cross stitch for my pinkeep/needle book havent decided which one i want it to be yet. I really love this design its so pretty and yet simple.

My new camara came this morning the only problem is that i'm not allowed it till christmas so i'm hoping that these next five weeks wont take to long to pass lol. I have spent a fortune on supplies for christmas presents this year so its a good thing my EMA was raised to £30 lol. How's everyone elses christmas shopping going?


Ok yesterday so i was about to start knitting a new scarf for my sister hollie for christmas when i foung that my 4mm knitting needles were nowhere to be found, i looked everywere and they had just vanished. later last night i was going through my clothes draws and i found them in with my jeans, i have no idea how they got their and it really bugs me...... today i nicked two pringles tubes from my sisters room (i asked first) and made these.... they took about five minutes to make useing scrapbook paper and sticky ribbon. They are to keep my needles from wandering and hinding from me when i need them (i never did like hind and seek lol). i must admit they look rather snazzy on my windowsill lol have a nice week. sammyjo


It has been a very long busy week and i dont think its going to get shorter just yet, i have a mountin of work to do so i dare say i'll be up till the morning getting it all finished, if i'd known that this is what i signed up for when i applied for sixth form i might have had a change of heart....not really it will be worth it in the end (i just have to keep telling my self that lol)

I just took this time out to refreash my eyes from the works of henry kamen (very long book on the spanish inquisition).

other than working when i've found a secong i've been adding some stitches to these the one on the left is the baby bee alphabet i heve only done nine letters uptill now, the one on the right is a little bowpeep pinkeep (my first pinkeep) and the one at the bottom is going to be a needle case for my sister (as you can see i like stitching bee's mostly because these one's cant sting me !) hopeyouhaveall had a good week and thank you for your wonderfully kind commen…

All Thumbs....

I have spent this week making a very grovey pair of mittens (if i do say so my self lol) for the coming winter, it took me a couple of tries to get the pattern right but i got it in the end. The only problem is that their a little to big ! never mind.

hope every one in englands preparing for a very cold winter, with scarfs, gloves and hats lol, its so cold on a morning waiting for the bus to college.