Thursday, November 08, 2007


It has been a very long busy week and i dont think its going to get shorter just yet, i have a mountin of work to do so i dare say i'll be up till the morning getting it all finished, if i'd known that this is what i signed up for when i applied for sixth form i might have had a change of heart....not really it will be worth it in the end (i just have to keep telling my self that lol)

I just took this time out to refreash my eyes from the works of henry kamen (very long book on the spanish inquisition).

other than working when i've found a secong i've been adding some stitches to these
the one on the left is the baby bee alphabet i heve only done nine letters uptill now, the one on the right is a little bowpeep pinkeep (my first pinkeep) and the one at the bottom is going to be a needle case for my sister (as you can see i like stitching bee's mostly because these one's cant sting me !)
hope you have all had a good week and thank you for your wonderfully kind comments.

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Sally said...

Love your WIP Sammy Jo. The bee that is going to be a needlebook is cute:)

Hope you got all your work finished. I think it was shock to Jessica's system and that's only the first bit of her first year!