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That Was Quick

Christmas has come and gone already, wow!

Well I have decided to go back in time and become 13 again ! "Why?, you ask their so much you can do at 17 that you cant at 13" well yes that maybe true but there is so much i could do when i was 13 that seems to babyish at 17 lol Like going to see santa in the town centre and not getting funny looks and also being able to take my one, three and five year old cousins to see him to without beening asked if their mine and getting funny looks of the sales people in the shops when i take them for sweets afterwards (really like i look old enough to have three kids, where do these poeple get thier ideas lol) and last but not least when i wake up on christmas eve at 13 it actually feels like christmas not just another day :(. So there you have it i am now 13 again lol

So did you all have a nice christmas? i did the best part of the day was when my youngist sister opened her present and said "Wow it's really nice, What is it?" bu…

Fingers Crossed

Thank you to all of you for entering. I can only choose one winner for the Mr christmas compition but i have decided to choose a runner up as well as a winner for the give away so with out further delay this years mr christmas is TOM WELLING!Now the winner of the giveaway was choosen sepret from the Mr Christmas and the winner is ANNE HEIDI congrat Anne, please email me your snail mail address and i'll send your mystery prize straight after christmas. The runner ups are Janet and Sally could you also email me your snail mail adresses and you will also receive a small mystery prize.

Congrats to all the winners

P.S. Can you believe its only two full days till christmas? Yeahy!

Last But Not Least....

Edit 18th december- voting is now open- have fun

Last contestant for Mr Chrisriendmas is someone i never stop hearing about as my mums friend is tottaly in love with him (scary)lol

wentworth miller

Starr of prison break, he's all right but not really what i go for as a day dream man lol.

Remember tomorrow the voting begins and to make it a little more fun their's a givaway to go with it.
Just leave a comment to say who you vote for out of the lovely contestants and you'll be put in the drawing for a suprise prezzie that i'll send to the winner straight after christmas.

Good Luck to you all and the contestants!

P.S. I'll draw the winner on satarday For Both.

Two More Days Left

To decide who you want to win the tittle of Mr Christmas and i have three more men left to show you so again to day their will be two contestants.....

Number 13 was nominated by lena lou please welcome........... Mr liam connor, very, very nice lol And number 14 paul walker, yum, yum, yum starr of fast and furious one and two this one was choosen by my sister chelsea lol apparently "he's too fine".

Two's nice Three's a Crowd

First of all i would like to say that im very thankful for all the wonderful comments you all leave on this blog i love finding new comments they make my day so thank you!

Number 11 is the one, the only............

Hayden Christensen starr of star wars two and three. sorry this ones not for sale he's mine lol
Now i've had three nominations and the most recent has come from Janet, so this ones for you
number 12 is.................
Magnús Scheving otherwise known as Sportacus, i've been informed that you have to imagin him without the moustache!

have a nice weekend!

Finally it over

I am happy to tell you all that i finally finished my alexander the great coursework at 1.30am last night and handed it in to day. let me just say what a relief it was now i can stitch the rest of my christmas prezzies without feeling guilty lol.
Speaking of christmas it only like 11 days away now, were did 2007 go anyway ? So as a treat to my self i started this

I've spent the hole day sewing away at it and it felt so good im hopeing to have it done by christmas but we'll have to wait and see. Now contestant number ten is someone you either love or you hate like marmite!
Jonathan Rhys Meyers ummmm! starr of The Tudors and bend it like beckham.

So is this number 8 or 9?

Number 9 i think ....... yup its got to be number nine. Oh you'll never going to guess what i got in the post the other day, my order of fabric from tabbycat but the down side to this surprize is that im not allowed to have them untill christmas day how unfair is that ? If you have never ordered from tabbycat you should they have some lovely patterned fabrics there is a link to the shop under books and craft shops go have a look. I with i could buy the hole store but i cant lol.

now number nine who should number nine be? Oh i know how about one of the stars of one tree hill?
Chad Michael Murray anyone for a limited time only, going once, going twice..................

This ones for you sally

I have decided to have two men in this one post so that the finishing date for this competion can stay as the 18th and this new addion is for sally, ( janet i could not find a very good pic of your nomitation Sportacus from LazyTown if you have one email it to me and i will include him too)

The two contestants for today are.............................. Jonas Armstrong who play robin hood on bbc 1, very, very nice lol And................ Richard Armitage who play guy of Guisbourne and sally i have changed my mind is now in my top 100 men to dream about lol. ENJOY!!!!

Number Six

There hasn't been much stiching of any type in my craft/bed room as i have both my history and classics course work due by the end of this week so they only thing i have to post is the contestants for MR C but i promise that once my coursework is done and dusted i'll have most christmas stitching to show.

Number six for MR C is the gorgeous...................
Jensen Ackles he plays dean winchester in supernatural and is without a doubt the man i would vote for no matter what lol. (I think i should stop looking at this pic before i go blind!)

OK Bare With Me

....This one's for me really lol and any other harry potter film fans (although the books are much better) runner number five.......Daniel Jacob Radcliffe yes i know its sad but i cant help my self lol i think you all know he is the star of harry potter and Equus (i found pics from this play but their not really suitable for blogland lol). dont worry if he's not your cup of tea as i said this one was for me mostly lol.

So Far So Good

Im nearly finished with all my hand made christmas prezzies lol just a few more to go then you'll get to see what i've been up to.

Im glad youe all taking part in the mr christmas contest so heres Mr number four star of robin hood on BBC 1 you have to watch it just him and the actor who plays robin lol

Beatrix Potter

Does anyone in blogland know were i can get my hands on some beatrix potter fabrics in england as all the sites i've looked at all have massive delivery charges that cost more than the fabric its self lol so if any one can help i would be very greatful.

Now for entery number three.....
Hugh Jackman anyone is'nt he to die for lol what make him even more desirable is his role in Van Helsing if you havent seen this movie you dont know what your missing lol.

Mr Christmas Number Two

Contestant number two come on down............................Colin Ferrall, this hottie is the star of films such as SWAT and Alexander The Great in which he looked extremaly edible lol.

Editor Note- I can not be held responisible for any damage to your keyboards due to drooling!

Mr Christmas

Ok ladies i thought id have some innocent christmas fun and i need your help, so spread the word because im having a Mr Christmas competion and the winner will be choosen by you i would also like it if you gave me the names of some men you think should be in the running (even if its your husband lol).

so to start are first entery is.....................................
Tom welling, this is the star of smallville and the only reason i spend my spare time watching smallville lol, he has also been in cheaper by the dozen one and two. so what do you think ? lol I have finished two christmas presents but because my mum and sisters are dying to know what they are i can not post a pic untill after christmas incase they find their way here lol. have a nice week, sammyjo P.S. My oldest younger sister has started a blog so if you'd could do me a favour and go say hi when she finally posts her first post i would be very greatful lol.(her link is at the side of my page under chelsea on my list of…