Monday, December 17, 2007

Last But Not Least....

Edit 18th december- voting is now open- have fun

Last contestant for Mr Chrisriendmas is someone i never stop hearing about as my mums friend is tottaly in love with him (scary)lol

wentworth miller

Starr of prison break, he's all right but not really what i go for as a day dream man lol.

Remember tomorrow the voting begins and to make it a little more fun their's a givaway to go with it.
Just leave a comment to say who you vote for out of the lovely contestants and you'll be put in the drawing for a suprise prezzie that i'll send to the winner straight after christmas.

Good Luck to you all and the contestants!

P.S. I'll draw the winner on satarday For Both.


Stephanie said...

If i have to pick one (you made it difficult..)....I suppose it would be....Colin. Hes just beautiful..

Is there a particular Beatrix Potter pring your looking for SJ?

Sally said...

Wow you have certainly picked some hunky men Sammy Jo! Jess will go mad over this one though! She adores Wentworth Miller!

If I had to pick just one it would have to be Richard Armitage:)

Sally said...

Well Jess surprised me and picked Hugh Jackman! I thought she'd go with Wentworth Miller!

Jules said...

Hi Sammy Jo. This has been great fun, thanks!. I'm voting for Johnathan Rhys Meyer - gorgeous!! x

Anne Heidi said...

I'll have to say Tom Welling- He's the man!!!

Janet said...

You know my vote!!!

My 2nd place, however, would go to Liam Connor.

Anonymous said...

hayden is so hot so hot and plays evil guys with such sex appeal

adam said...
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