Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mr Christmas

Ok ladies i thought id have some innocent christmas fun and i need your help, so spread the word because im having a Mr Christmas competion and the winner will be choosen by you i would also like it if you gave me the names of some men you think should be in the running (even if its your husband lol).

so to start are first entery is.....................................

Tom welling, this is the star of smallville and the only reason i spend my spare time watching smallville lol, he has also been in cheaper by the dozen one and two. so what do you think ? lol
I have finished two christmas presents but because my mum and sisters are dying to know what they are i can not post a pic untill after christmas incase they find their way here lol.
have a nice week, sammyjo
P.S. My oldest younger sister has started a blog so if you'd could do me a favour and go say hi when she finally posts her first post i would be very greatful lol.(her link is at the side of my page under chelsea on my list of other blogs)thank you.


Stephanie said...

HE is pretty cute :)

Sally said...

Mmmm he is rather nice! Lol! Bit young for me I think though!

Janet said...

I nominate Sportacus from "LazyTown" (minus the moustache) - what a bod!!! Hey, I don't get out much any more and I only get to watch children's television at the moment.
I really enjoy your blog and admire what an accomplished stitcher you are already. Can't wait to see what you'll be doing in 10 years time!