Thursday, December 13, 2007

So is this number 8 or 9?

Number 9 i think ....... yup its got to be number nine. Oh you'll never going to guess what i got in the post the other day, my order of fabric from tabbycat but the down side to this surprize is that im not allowed to have them untill christmas day how unfair is that ? If you have never ordered from tabbycat you should they have some lovely patterned fabrics there is a link to the shop under books and craft shops go have a look. I with i could buy the hole store but i cant lol.

now number nine who should number nine be? Oh i know how about one of the stars of one tree hill?

Chad Michael Murray anyone for a limited time only, going once, going twice..................


lena-lou said...

Nice sight for my eyes this morning with all your hunks on here :))

What about Liam from Corrie?

Sally said...

MMm not seen him before!

You've got my eldest DD doing a list now! LOL! Hers for Christmas Day is Johnny Depp! He's gorgeous ( and my age!)