Saturday, December 29, 2007

That Was Quick

Christmas has come and gone already, wow!

Well I have decided to go back in time and become 13 again ! "Why?, you ask their so much you can do at 17 that you cant at 13" well yes that maybe true but there is so much i could do when i was 13 that seems to babyish at 17 lol Like going to see santa in the town centre and not getting funny looks and also being able to take my one, three and five year old cousins to see him to without beening asked if their mine and getting funny looks of the sales people in the shops when i take them for sweets afterwards (really like i look old enough to have three kids, where do these poeple get thier ideas lol) and last but not least when i wake up on christmas eve at 13 it actually feels like christmas not just another day :(. So there you have it i am now 13 again lol

So did you all have a nice christmas? i did the best part of the day was when my youngist sister opened her present and said "Wow it's really nice, What is it?" but i will let her off because she the stero typical blond of teen flicks e.g. REALLY DUMB (i get away with saying this because im her big sis and im always right, ok not always lol)

Anyway this is what i made her....
Its a draw string book bag because just like me she loves to read (so she cant be that dumb really lol) she also got a couple of Roald dahl books to go with it.
for the front i used the mice i stitch a couple of months ago, it took a while to figer out how to make this but with the help of all you bloggers on my blogroll i finally managed so thank you all.
For my older younger sister chel i made her this water bottle cover as she suffers from painful stomach upsets so thought it would come in handy.
the only problem with it is that when i was stitching the outside with the sewing machine the fabric got caught and this happend, but she didn't mind thank god lol

have a happy new year, sammyjo P.S. i've had a little trouble with the finishing on the runner up prizes from the christmas draw so thier going to be a liitle later than planed sorry lol


Sally said...

Hope you had a great Christmas Sammy Jo! Love the gifts you made for your sisters.

The Chicken Lady said...

I'm a little late, but Happy New Year! :) Cute gifts. I know everyone just loved them! And about going back in time, my 13 yr old daughter constantly tells me she wishes she was a baby still. I tell her, I wish she was too. sigh.