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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Sorry i haven't posted in a while it's just been a bit busy around here lately, i've spent most of my time on course work and making sure i dont neglect my friends lol (although some might say i still dont spend enough time gossipin with them lol).
So i haven't really got anything to show you other than this pic i snapped....
how cute is this ben (the dog) and skittles sharing a kiss.

Stitching At Last

I have finished all my exams and i am now aloud to stitch again yeahy!. So my first cross stitching aim of 2008 is to finish my baby bee pattern im quite far along with this one but still have a way to go!

As i've said before i dont think im going to be able to part with this one as its just to adorable and colourful.

Also this week has been my best in months because i got questions in my Religious studies exam that i revised for and could answer and my Melly and Me pattern arrived. This is the first pattern for a softie i've ever bought and i cant wait to have a go at making it !!

Have a nice day Sammyjo
P.S. i would like to say thank you to all of you for commenting on my blog i love opening this page after a long week to find your lovely comments, so thank you!

One Last Time...

... i know i've posted countless pics of tatty but i swear this is his last vist to my blog, i just thought that seen as you have all seen him grow from crosses to a teddy bear you should also get to see him completely finished as a christmas present.

It took an awfully long time to get the border straight and neat but after a few tries i managed

i,ve used two different fabrics, underneath is soild red marble and the top is red silk net with gold stars.

Then came the ribbon that i stitched around the outside now that was the real pain but was totally worth it when i saw my mums face on christmas day.


Happy New Year

O.K. so its a day late but all the same i wish you all a happy and idea filled new year. Now you may have noticed that my blog keeps changing im in the middle of finding a layout i like so bare with me lol.

Love to y'all