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Passing it on.....

Janet at 37 stitches in a row gave me the 'you make my day' award a week a go (which i only just relized silly me!) so i thought i'd pass it on to the people and the blogs that truely make my day!
Where it goes: 1. Janet at 37 stitches in a row
2. Sally at Stitchyangel's Treasures 3. Jenny B at allsorts 4. Jan at be*mused 5. Stephanie at Chasing Threads 6. Linda at crafty apple 7. Rosalie and Melanie at melly and me 8. Karyn at Trail mix 9. Meshell at the solitary thread 10. Fiona at hop, skip, jump

And there you have it the blogs i try to read every other day as they give me such enjoyment. their authors are very funny, interesting and truely wonderful people who's works are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you ladies!

More stitching

It's half term here in england and that means i have a hole week to sleep late, work, stitch and have some fun like the sleep over my sisters having on friday for her birthday. What could be more fun than seven 13 year olds, a 15 yearold and me lol (and cake).

So far i've finished one classics essay, done some stitching and read 136 pages of my new book 'The dead of Summer' by camilla way. The book has just started getting creepy and the stitching is starting to look like its meant to! lol

This is the unicorn my mum started a few years ago its quite hard to do it for more than a hour as its on black and its about five different shades of grey so it tends to give me a headache if i look at it too long!
I finished the fairy i started last week but still have not decided what to do with it lol.

And lastly is the progress i've made on the baby bee sampler i've just finished the J and im now on the P. I only have 16 letters left to go and then it's done!

have a nice …

At Last

.... i've finally had some time to do a little stitching but not much,

this is going to be a fairy mobile phone case or a pincil case i havent quite decided yet lol.

In other news i am selling my prom dress as i wish to buy a new one for the levers ball at the end of this year as its my last year at college yeahy lol. So if anyones is interested in buying it please email me and i'll give you further information about the dress.

hope you all have a good week, sammyjo