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Boiling Over..

This week i've only been able to do a little stitching due to the installing of a new boiler in my sisters room. It means that we have a constent supply of hot water which sounds great for a house with four women in it but the down side is i can not get to all of my stuff at the minute!
I cant wait to have my room back to normal! lol


My mum went out tonight so me and my sister thought we'd make her kitchen and her dogs victim to are cooking lol.

We took a trip to ASDA and spent £10 on cooking supplies!
We made cookie dough (Question: do americans eat this stuff or is it something differnt? would love to know so if you could clear this up for me i'd be greatful) Yum!
Chel also made blue cakes, these things looked like little aliens when they were done lol Cute huh!
I made easter themed ones that look like i've put creamed cheese on them lol(i havent i swear)

And after we got stuck with the dishes lol

Good night sammyjo


Im really flying through this christmas angelscross stitch its really simple and colourful so its fun to stitch and i already half way through it lol.
I think im going to keep this one and make it into a cover for a photo album for christmas photos.

Early Stitching

I was getting bord of stitching light summery designs so i thought id start some christmas stitching early as i want to stich quite alot for christmas this year so i thought it would relieve some of the presure that i experince as christmas closes in lol. This is an angel design that i've been wanting to do for a while but have never gotten round to.

Secondly is the summer stitching i told you im gettin bord of this is one of another three i've stitched to make into coin purses the pattern still needs some work but its getting there!

Have a nice easter, and dont eat to much chocolate lol

Green Tea

I'm a very happy chappy this week lol because i have just been given a B in my alexander the great coursework. this is the highest grade i've gotten this year meaning all those late nights payed off! Now that thats finished i have had some time to do some sewing so i thought i'd do some stitching from a victorian pattern

i only did a small one, so that i could see whether i like it or not, but i do so im going to stitch a few more and make them into little purses like this one... this is just a tester and their are still a few changes to be made but i like it, its cute and colourful lol!

have a nice weekend


Hi there, is it march already? WOW i dare not blink incase the years over when i open my eyes! lol. Well i hope you all had a great feb, i spent most of it locked in my room reading. In one week i've read four books, i think i maybe a little obsessed with this hole 101 books challenge (but love reading so much that i cant help it).
I have also gotten some stitching done on the unicorn and found an idea in my head for the little fairy i stitched before. This little cutie is going to be a shoulder bag when i figure out all the mechanics to it lol. Im thinking that a light yellow inside will go nicely with the pink on the outside. What do you think?
have a nice week sammyjoEdit- my mum has also finished a new knit so if you like baby knitting go have a look the link to her site is at the side.