Saturday, March 22, 2008


My mum went out tonight so me and my sister thought we'd make her kitchen and her dogs victim to are cooking lol.

We took a trip to ASDA and spent £10 on cooking supplies!

We made cookie dough (Question: do americans eat this stuff or is it something differnt? would love to know so if you could clear this up for me i'd be greatful)
Chel also made blue cakes, these things looked like little aliens when they were done lol
Cute huh!

I made easter themed ones that look like i've put creamed cheese on them lol(i havent i swear)

And after we got stuck with the dishes lol

Good night



Sally said...

Ooh everything looks so yummy! Jess and Abi made Easter nests yesterday and they are rather tasty!

lena-lou said...

What fun !!!! LOL

You are a good daughter cleaning up as well ;-))

The Chicken Lady said...

Yep, Americans eat raw cookie dough. I don't, but my kids do. It kind of grosses me out. Glad you chicks had fun cooking. :)