Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boiling Over..

This week i've only been able to do a little stitching due to the installing of a new boiler in my sisters room. It means that we have a constent supply of hot water which sounds great for a house with four women in it but the down side is i can not get to all of my stuff at the minute!
I cant wait to have my room back to normal! lol


lena-lou said...

I really like this design you are working on !! Hope you soon have your room back :-))

Sally said...

It is looking fantastic Sammy Jo. Is it from Cross Stitcher mag?

Hope you get your room back soon!

Stephanie said...

I cant wait to see it SJ!

Anne Heidi said...

Your X-mas cross stitch looks great- love the design. With 4 women I can certainly understand the ned of lots of hot water... LOL