Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Best Day Ever!

Well today has to be the best day so far this year, why? you ask.There are three reasons
1) Is because of the beautiful gift i recived from sally, which i found waiting for me when i got home from college.

This is my first stitched gift from a fellow blogger and i really love it, the design is really cute and i love the colours sally used, it's prefect for my machine bobbins, threads and needles. I alos recived some hand dyed floss. Thank you so much sally it is now sitting next to my sewing machine holding all my little bits and bobs!

2) Also when i came home i found three bags of new clothes from my mummy and new shoes all for my trip to london next week!

3)the wether was quite nice today after weeks a bad weather!lol



lena-lou said...

Definitely sounds like a brill day for you This gift from Sally is totally gorgeous and such a pretty colour :-))

Nice to be getting new clothes to be all ready for your trip :)

Don't know about you but we have had high winds today here!

Sally said...

I'm so pleased it arrived safely and that you like it:)

Nice to have some new clothes too.

It's been sunny here today but we've got really high winds.

Stephanie said...

glad your having a good day.:)

The Chicken Lady said...

I love presents!! Sounds like you had a spectacular day. Lucky you! :)

Dee Light said...

How wonderful!! Who wouldn't love a day like that!!

tkdchick said...

What a lovely gift to get!