Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What's your favourite colour? do you have one, two or just colour in general? Well mine is every colour imaginable because i love to look at busy, active colours like my new trainers!

I love these babies, i never get board with Babycham because their just so cool and these only cost £20 which is not bad at all! I can't wait to wear them lol

I've been starved of colour for the last two or three weeks because I'm a black and white note's revision type of girl so i also bought these as a small remainder of what colour looks like! lol.
OK ladies if you haven't looked on eBay at the deals you can get on DMC threads then your crazy because i got these for 25p each and the seller has every colour and always has them in stock so go, look, spend and enjoy the fact that you haven't broken the bank in doing so (something students are good at is finding cheap deals) lol :p



Stephanie said...

Love the shoes!

Sally said...

I love your new trainers Sammy Jo!! Wouldn't mind a pair of those myself!

Kate said...

Great shoes!