Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Little Break

After five hours of revision yestarday i decided to take a break and finish some knitting just to give my head a rest lol.

I think this is my favorite pattern of all the ones i've stitched as it's not to boring and the bell pattern along the egde is so adorable! I've still got the arms and back to do and this is a nice project to use as a revision break as it does not require messing up my room to find all the bits i need.

When it's finished and if i think it look nice enough then i will hold a give away for it.


Stephanie said...

Its beautiful SJ!

Sally said...

Ooh that is gorgeous Sammy Jo!

Good luck for your exams. Is History your first one? Jess had statistics last Thursday. Examiners decided to bring it forward so they only just got the course finished in time! She had study leave this morning and has it again Thursday morning before her two Physics exams. makes me tired just thinking about it!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow - you knit too??? How wonderful that at such a young age you do all these wonderful things. Your Mum and nan have taught you well my dear.