Sunday, May 04, 2008

Something New

I thought I'd start something new as I've become board of stitching so I've picked up my knitting to help my mum with an order from work.
This is the beginnings of a baby cardigan from a SIRDAR pattern in double knit, it took four tries to get this pattern right and i almost gave up but I'm glad to say i stuck to it and its coming
along lovely.
We have had some weird weather lately one minute its raining hard enough to break windows and the next its sunny and theirs not a cloud in the sky strange and really awkward when you wanna go shopping but are afraid of getting caught in the rain lol. Hope the rest of you have nice weather lol


Sally said...

That's a pretty pattern Sammy Jo. It's years since I've done any knitting. I did loads of baby stuff when I was pregnant with Jess including a shawl and a christening gown. I'll have to pop a piccie of her in it when she was christened. Abi wore it too and I've kept it and the shawl:)

You're not kidding about the weird weather! I put some washing out Friday afternoon and I didn't realise it was throwing it down until was too late to bring it all in. Then the sun came out and within no time my washing was dry again!

Stephanie said...

Its beautiful SJ! I wishI could knit that well1

be*mused jan said...

What a pretty pattern! I'll bet the finished sweater will be cute!