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A Little More To Go On

If you remeber back to my post on the mystery project, i asked if you were able to guess what i was stitching, well i thought i'd give you a little more to go on so here it is a working progress!
i like this one because i dont get board of it too soon :) its a really pretty design and i love the colours in it. So can anyone tell yet?


First let me just say... Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you stephanie i loved every thing you sent to me its all great!

The quilting bee, a kit, chloe and louise stitchette is so cute and i cant wait to start it!
The Embroidery stitching tool and glue look like their going to be very interesting in figuring out how to use them! :)
And i really love the colours in the threads you sent, they are going to go to good use on some of the projects i have planned!!
Thank you again steph you have just given me alot of things to do during the summer break and i cant wait to get started. Also thank you for your kind words in the letter you sent, i love visting your blog because it lifts my mood and i know its going to be new, colourful and interesting every time i vist!!

Sneek peek...

I've been a bad stitcher and started a new project before finishing the angels fully. I could'nt help it, the one im now doing, i put of for monthes and it's been calling to me all this time so i started it and i dont feel the least bit guilty :)
I'm not going to tell you what it is only that it came from crossstitcher and its beautiful! If you'd like to guess what it is then go ahead it could be fun and you never know you could get it right on your first try! :)