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Away with the Fairies

Ok i should be ashamed of my self because i've done almost no stitching or knitting as i've been researching life in a foreign country, namely through this blog. Morry is funny, insightful and really a great read! I've been readying through her archives of her life in japan and have loved every post!

I have however made a little progress on this!
The black and grey felt like it was never going to be complete and it still is'nt i've got the whole of the top to do and the bottom right hand coner to do as well! But i love it because it means that with all the grey the lady is going to stick out even more!Have a great week! SJ

Seven Years of Friendship and a 21st Birthday

Last wednesday it was my best friends 21st birthday, we've been friends for almost seven years and its scary because we know each others thoughts and have been known at times to finish each others sentences!

For her birthday we thought of going bowling and then came up with 100 other ideas only to go back to bowling in the end, and im glad we did because it was by far one of the best nights i've had in a long time! These are three of the best pictures taken all night, there are alot more because we had two camara's :) This is amy, very funny and very lovable....... she helped me in teasing zoe alnight which was quite fun! :) And this ladies is the Birthday girl, who we would not allow to have her birthday presents untill she got a strike or spare! Lol me and amy both got one before she did, but she got there in the end and it was quite funny! And lastly the one pic of me that i did not delete because it was half decent and i had to keep at least one! The highlight of the night…


wow, I never thought id get here but i have and its really quite amazing, I've have finally posted 100 posts including this one :) Although many of my older posts are out of order due to picture editing and some have been deleted completely from this blog this still counts as my 100th published post!

Now i know its very popular to hold a give away on the 100th post but I'm not, and the reason for this Will become clear in a couple of posts time so you'll just have to wait and see :P

I do have one thing that makes this post memorable to me and that is the completion of this.... Ladies and, well ladies, i give you the complete Christmas angles for the last time. i finished the back stitching just before i wrote this post and like many of you stitchers out there i hate back stitch. i actually fell asleep one evening doing it! but its all done now and that means i can start a new Christmas piece! yeah, i wonder what I'll do? Any suggestions? Edit: Also thought id try a new loo…

Booking it.....

Ok so i have'nt got anything crafty to show you as what i've been upto the last couple of weeks is a suprise for my 100th post which will be the post after this one :D, i cant believe i've writen 99 posts and am still addicted to this place :).

I thought i would show you all some future projects that i am planning to take on when i've finished some of the ones that i already have going!
I found these two books in the liberury and just fell in love with some of the patterns in them!
This is a japanese inspired pattern that i want to do for my bedroom wall, the pattern is different and very pretty and appealed to my deep interest in asian culture :)
And these are just some of the socks from this book that i want to make but first i have to learn how to knit with three needles :) which i think is going to be very interesting, fun and at times frustrating I not completely finished and ready for my hunderth post suprise so it might be a few more weeks before its done :) till t…