Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seven Years of Friendship and a 21st Birthday

Last wednesday it was my best friends 21st birthday, we've been friends for almost seven years and its scary because we know each others thoughts and have been known at times to finish each others sentences!

For her birthday we thought of going bowling and then came up with 100 other ideas only to go back to bowling in the end, and im glad we did because it was by far one of the best nights i've had in a long time!
These are three of the best pictures taken all night, there are alot more because we had two camara's :)
This is amy, very funny and very lovable....... she helped me in teasing zoe alnight which was quite fun! :)
And this ladies is the Birthday girl, who we would not allow to have her birthday presents untill she got a strike or spare! Lol me and amy both got one before she did, but she got there in the end and it was quite funny!
And lastly the one pic of me that i did not delete because it was half decent and i had to keep at least one! The highlight of the night was when a staff member gave zoe some balloons :) so very cute and funny!
P.S. I swear that those bottles of alchol in the background are not ours :).


neoinileias said...

You have quite interesting blog...

Sally said...

It looks like you all had a fantastic time Sammy Jo!