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Christmas Prep :)

Well as most of you know its only four whole months away from Christmas and if your anything like me you'll have a list a mile long of the things you wanna make for it, so what better time to get started than now :)

These are just a few bits I've been playing with, the two above are going to be Christmas cards and this below is either going to be a blanket or a wall hanging i haven't decide which yet :)

Also this week i turned 18 which was quite fun :) i didn't do anything major just hung out with my family and got some really great presents :) Including my Super Junior album that arrived just after!

I was so happy when this came though the post from Korea :) yeahy! I also got this really cute money box and snow globe from the Beatrix potter collection, and lots of other gifts too!

I fell in love with this the moment i saw it :)

I can breath again :)

Hey everyone thank you so much for all your kind wishes :) I got my results for my A-Levels on Tuesday, and after refusing to open them at first, i found that i passed all four in classics, history, religion and general studies :) I'm really pleased and i thank you all again for wishing me well :D

Now i know i promised something crafty in this post but i can show you what I've been up to just yet as my mum might see it and then it would be ruined. As soon as its done and given to her I'll finally let you see what I've been doing other than reading :D

Oh yes and i also received an award from sally Thank you sally I'm glad you like my blog so much :) i love reading your comments! and i thank you for all your support :)
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My nominees are:Steph at Chasing Threads laur…

Freaking Out Just a Little

*EDIT--- Ok the title to this should now be totally and completely freaking out now, god i feel so sick this worse than the GCSE result wait two years ago! Good luck every one and if you would like join me in prays tonight lol*

After spending a really great week in Blackpool with my family, a trip that i had planed to miss until 10 minutes before they left on Saturday morning. I'm now safely back at home biting my finger nails, pulling my hair out and maybe getting just over 3 hours sleep due to being completely freaked about getting my a-level results in four days time! This is it the moment of truth and i really don't want to open that envelope on Thursday, maybe I'll just leave it closed for the rest of time :) But then the not knowing would kill me.

Now as i said before i had an unexpected trip to Blackpool this week, which for the most part was really quite fun! i took over 190 pictures of are trip but the really memorable part of the trip proved to risky for my camera…