Sunday, August 24, 2008

Christmas Prep :)

Well as most of you know its only four whole months away from Christmas and if your anything like me you'll have a list a mile long of the things you wanna make for it, so what better time to get started than now :)

These are just a few bits I've been playing with, the two above are going to be Christmas cards and this below is either going to be a blanket or a wall hanging i haven't decide which yet :)

Also this week i turned 18 which was quite fun :) i didn't do anything major just hung out with my family and got some really great presents :) Including my Super Junior album that arrived just after!

I was so happy when this came though the post from Korea :) yeahy! I also got this really cute money box and snow globe from the Beatrix potter collection, and lots of other gifts too!

I fell in love with this the moment i saw it :)


Stephanie said...

Happy 18th SJ!! :)

Look at you starting on Christmas already! Good for you- I definitely need to start too!

diva of quilts said...

Those are cute! That reminds me, I should start thinking about Christmas as well. It always seems to sneak up on me somehow. ^_^

Sally said...

Happy 18th Birthday Sammy Jo! I wish I had known it was your birthday!

Great start on Christmas stitching. I keep thinking I'll make a start then I don't!