Sunday, August 10, 2008

Freaking Out Just a Little

*EDIT--- Ok the title to this should now be totally and completely freaking out now, god i feel so sick this worse than the GCSE result wait two years ago! Good luck every one and if you would like join me in prays tonight lol*

After spending a really great week in Blackpool with my family, a trip that i had planed to miss until 10 minutes before they left on Saturday morning. I'm now safely back at home biting my finger nails, pulling my hair out and maybe getting just over 3 hours sleep due to being completely freaked about getting my a-level results in four days time! This is it the moment of truth and i really don't want to open that envelope on Thursday, maybe I'll just leave it closed for the rest of time :) But then the not knowing would kill me.

Now as i said before i had an unexpected trip to Blackpool this week, which for the most part was really quite fun! i took over 190 pictures of are trip but the really memorable part of the trip proved to risky for my camera! With two days left in Blackpool and it raining out we were all having a game of cards while my mum made tea, after winding my mum up about her cooking skill just for the fun of it she got her own back by egging me while i was playing. Now I'm not a passive person so for the rest of the week it was a case of every man or should i say woman for her self, there were about a dozen eggs smashed a hundred water balloons thrown, a tub of washing up liquid and hair moose fired at each other and the occasional bucket a water Tipped over heads! No one was safe and even now I'm waiting for her to get her own back!

I'll be back with more on the crafty side of life later this week but until then i would just like to say thank you to all of you who read my sometimes very random blog and leave such kind comments its really nice to read them all! And also good luck to all the other students waiting for their results this Thursday, sally wish Jess good luck from me too, i have no doubt that she will do great!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had fun in Blackpool. The background in your photos looks like it's the Haven site at Marten Mere? We've been there loads and have made some good friends.

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear an update SJ! Been missing them!

Sally said...

Lots of luck for Thursday Sammy Jo. I am sure you will have done well. Jess isn't keep on opening that envelope either as she's not sure how she's done. She thinks she'll have done better on some than others and is worried she won't have done well enough on physics to carry on with the A2 course. Then she's got an interview for a Saturday job on Friday so it'll be a nerve wracking two days! Will be thinking of you:)

diva of quilts said...

Glad you had a fun trip and wishing you the best of luck (although you've probably already heard the results) ^_^

Sally said...

How did you do Sammy Jo?

You have received an award. Please see my blog when you have chance.