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Just a little cross stitching update

Haven't really been upto much this week just helping out at the post office getting it ready to open :) and stitching on the sarah kay design i started. I have desided that im not going to start anything new untill i've finished atleast half of the projects i already have on the go! :)
Have a nice week everyone :)

Everyone loves a distraction :)

OK not all distractions but this one I'm sure you will all love ........

And lastly....................yummy
This little distraction is inspired by a comment i got of Rosie from Hope Holistics, she was reading through my blog and got distracted by last years MR Christmas contest :) some of you will remember that (and yes there will be another one this year, more on that at a later date).

Ok distraction, lol i would like to thank Ginnie, Rosie, Laura, sally and Glenna for your good luck wishes for my interview that was last weekend, however i did not get the job which to my surprise i am happy about because i don't think that i was ready to move so far away from home and leave behind my family and friends and most of all my guinnie pig skittles :). it was a good weekend and i made some memorable friends. Ialsolearnedthatwhenyourstarvingaftertwodaysofeatingnearlynothing haribo'sare likeheaven :) lol!…

Wales Here I Come!

I knew there was something i had to do! lol

sorry for the long pause, its just i haven't really had that much time to post or even stitch for that matter!. I've been helping my friend move homes, getting ready for my trip to wales (more about that in a minute) and generally freaking out! It feels like I've lost a week somewhere along the line but cant think how! Oh well there is nothing i can do about it now;)
Right first of all I'll explain the trip to wales, its for a job interview and it last all weekend from the 12th till the 14th, i have to travel all the way to wales for the interview and them on the Sunday I'll find out if i get the job! if i do i say for an extra weeks training and then i come home to collect my stuff ready to move to which ever center i get placed in. The job will be an activities instructor with a firm called kingswood, where we do everything from climbing to archery with kids. I've been waiting nearly a hole year to apply for this and …