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Everyone loves a distraction :)

OK not all distractions but this one I'm sure you will all love ........

And lastly....................yummy
This little distraction is inspired by a comment i got of Rosie from Hope Holistics, she was reading through my blog and got distracted by last years MR Christmas contest :) some of you will remember that (and yes there will be another one this year, more on that at a later date).

Ok distraction, lol i would like to thank Ginnie, Rosie, Laura, sally and Glenna for your good luck wishes for my interview that was last weekend, however i did not get the job which to my surprise i am happy about because i don't think that i was ready to move so far away from home and leave behind my family and friends and most of all my guinnie pig skittles :). it was a good weekend and i made some memorable friends. I also learned that when your starving after two days of eating nearly nothing haribo's are like heaven :) lol!

I'm not sure which of these is better Sweets or man Candy.................Choices!


Stephanie said…
Hope something else catches your eye SJ! I couldn't do it either- move that is.
Sally said…
Sorry to hear you didn't get the job but I am sure something else will turn up soon and maybe closer to home:)

Better not let Jess see this post or she'll be drooling worse than a baby!
Ginnie said…
Oh what a lovely distraction!! I have the last photo on my screensaver pictures!!!
Anyway sorry the interview didn't work out but glad to hear you are not too unhappy about it. The right job will be along at some time!!
laura west kong said…
You'll see, the right job will come for you. ^_^

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