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ok so as im writting this post outside there is a massive down fall of hail stones... i think winter has finally set in! The only bad news about this seeing as i love winter is that i walk to work on a morning and it takes me 45 minutes to get there so im guessing that im going to have to do some serious shopping and stock up on wooly jumpers and wool tights to keep myself warm! lol :)

Ok so this is going to be my halloween post as i wont have time to post tomorrow. Im planning to watch horror movies with a friend and stuff my face with sweets and toffee apples! Yummy! I hope you all have a great halloween and i would love to know what you all have planned?
Also despite having an eye infection this week and feeling like every time i blink my eyes are being cut with glass i have managed to get some more stitching done on 'the first day of spring' by sarah kay and i have found that i acctually have my stitching drive back! how good is my timing! hehe (if you ever get an eye infevt…

I made you a cookie but i eated it!

I love these cartoons their so cute! pon and zi :)

Just had to show you them plus that one is one of my favourites! hehe
just a quick update to tell you im still alive but barley stitching coz i just haven't really been in the mood to! so the sarah kay design is taking longer than i thought to finish lol:) but it is coming along nicely :)

Take care everyone and just a quick note.....................

Hello October!

...Where did you come from? :)

I wondered why it was so cold at the caravan last weekend! Well now i know, apparently we have entered October with out my knowing it.OK so this post is mostly just to show you what two 18 year old girls (plus two) get up to when we get a caravan to ourselves for the weekend!

We get really, really, really silly and decided to go in the sea, which is freezing and get funny looks off the people all rapped up and warm walking past! He he i never said i was sane! (please note that while doing this the guy pictured below sat on the beach being a wimp!)

Amy and Gazz got to spend some time together which was nice because they both work a lot! Gazz got all excited seeing her!

Haribo decided to play dress up for the camera!

oh yeah and Amy totally rocked the wet and freezing look! lol:) not showing the pic of me seeing as it was just awful!
In all a totally cool weekend!

So what did you do this weekend?
Take care SJ