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Christmas is coming

Well that chocolate cake is long gone! YUM :D Mostly this week I've been stitching Christmas cards and believe it or not i actually finished my Christmas blankie of which i will post pic next time! :D
This one was stitched by younger sister Chel and both pics were taken by my youngest sister Hollie, both of them have decided that I'm sleeping in their room on the floor on Christmas eve as we used to share a room when we were younger :D i guess i have no say in the matter


OK so I'm really happy because my cards sold, i had my doubts! but they sold so.....Yeahy! I've started a new set to put out in the shop but haven't gotten to far et so nothing to show you guys other than the chocolate cake i baked tonight, recipe from my nan in london :)
I dont think it will taste as good as my nans but it will have to do untill i get to go down and see her! :) Yum Chocolate!!!!!!

Where does the time go?

God i didn't even realise that this year is almost over and yet i feel like i've done nothing! :( Oh well new year new start! :)

Well other than changing my blog layout again! studying, applying for uni and working, i havent really been upto much. Mostly just been coming home from work and going to my room to do one of the above :) but i have managed to fit in some stitching as im allowed to sell my christmas cards in the shop :) i wonder if i'll sell any?
These are two that i've just finished and need to be made into cards. The one on the left felt like it took forever to stitch but i got there in the end and im glad i did because its so cute!
Take care and dress warm because its getting cold out!