Saturday, November 08, 2008

Where does the time go?

God i didn't even realise that this year is almost over and yet i feel like i've done nothing! :( Oh well new year new start! :)

Well other than changing my blog layout again! studying, applying for uni and working, i havent really been upto much. Mostly just been coming home from work and going to my room to do one of the above :) but i have managed to fit in some stitching as im allowed to sell my christmas cards in the shop :) i wonder if i'll sell any?

These are two that i've just finished and need to be made into cards. The one on the left felt like it took forever to stitch but i got there in the end and im glad i did because its so cute!

Take care and dress warm because its getting cold out!


Sally said...

Cute cute finishes Sammy Jo! Love your new blog look too. Nice and wintry.

Good luck with applying to uni. Jess has just got her application in so keeping finger's crossed this end:)

laura west kong said...

Your new blog layout is beautiful! Love those snowflakes and the Christmas card embroideries are so cute!