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Happy Christmas

Just logging in to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Take care of yourselves and I'll see you all in the new year! :D

One Down Eight To Go

She is offically finished, I stayed up last night to get her finished and im glad i did!. i love the look of a complete cross-stitch its just so pretty and really makes me feel like i've achived something, even if it is something so small :D

Ok due to work and a broken computer the Mr christmas competion has ended and i've decided that the winner is Sally with her nomination :D Sally that means you win the christmas give-away :) dont worry i still have your address from last year :D i'll send your goodies just after christmas so they dont get caught up in the christmas mail!

Broken Computer!!!!! :(

OK due to technical problems I've had to cut the number of candidates to 6 as i can not get online all the time :( Sorry

I thought i would choose someone that i love because of his acting not just because he's pretty to look at :)................. Ryan Reynolds lead actor in 'School of Life' (touching movie, not seen it? gotta watch it!!) and the new film 'Definitely, Maybe'
Now if you do wanna just stare at this guy then you should watch the third blade because.......... wow :)

Squares Apon Squares!

Good evening, now before you all yet the impression that all I've been doing lately is staring at yummy men on the net, i thought id show you what I've really been up to! This is the quilt that my youngest sister Hollie asked me to make for her. This quilt is responsible for the depletion of my stash and my time but i don't mind because my sister seems to be happy with it!
It took me forever to measure and cut these squares out as i don't own a rotary cutter, the stitching shouldn't take to long and I'll start that tomorrow after i run my grandmothers massages
And this is the new hot man, chosen by sally to be contestant number three, Zachary Quinto from heroes! I'm liking the ruff look its very appealing (giggles) :D

Nice choice sally :) Thank you for your nomination :D SJ

Mums Entry

For contestant number two my mum has nominated George Cloney, now when i was little i thought he was quite nice mostly because of the batman film :) but I'm not so sure now, i guess I'm just into guys of my own generation
Now i think you, sally (hope your reading this) should choose some one for contestnat number three! :) please! coz if i choose it will have to be an other asian actor! SJ

Its that time of the year again :)

Hello to all you ladie out there, now if you were reading my blog this time last year you will know exactly what this post is going to introduce and for those of you who joined after christmas, well i hope you enjoy it as much as i did last year!

So without further delay the MR CHRISTMAS 2008 will begin and this year we've got some new faces with are first entry nominated by me, Please give a warm welcome to Gong Ji Cheol a south korean actor, model and all round cute, sexy and unvbelievably loveable, if i do say so my self. :)

Star of my favourite korean Drama 1st Coffee Shop Prince

Now for those of you who wish too nominate please just leave a comment with your nomie at any time before the closing date on the 12th and they will be added into the running however the max number of guys is 8 because we dont want too many to choose from now do we! Also if you would like to enter a husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or son as a candadte then be my guest this copation is open to all! Yo…