Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Its that time of the year again :)

Hello to all you ladie out there, now if you were reading my blog this time last year you will know exactly what this post is going to introduce and for those of you who joined after christmas, well i hope you enjoy it as much as i did last year!

So without further delay the MR CHRISTMAS 2008 will begin and this year we've got some new faces with are first entry nominated by me, Please give a warm welcome to Gong Ji Cheol a south korean actor, model and all round cute, sexy and unvbelievably loveable, if i do say so my self. :)

Star of my favourite korean Drama 1st Coffee Shop Prince

Now for those of you who wish too nominate please just leave a comment with your nomie at any time before the closing date on the 12th and they will be added into the running however the max number of guys is 8 because we dont want too many to choose from now do we! Also if you would like to enter a husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or son as a candadte then be my guest this copation is open to all! You can start voting for the one you want to win on 12th and winners will be announced on the 15th for both the title MR CHRISTMAS and the give away for entering a vote!

Have fun, i know i will :D

Im getting there slowly, but surely it will soon be finished :) not sure what im going to do with her when she is finally finished but i'll come up with something. there's only the hat and the back stitching to do then i can start something new :)

Take care SJ


Sally said...

Your WIP is so cute Sammy Jo!

Any snow up there? We had more yesterday and there's more forecast for tomorrow!

mellyandrosie said...

I give my vote for Gong Ji Cheol!!!!! I just finished watching the last episode of Coffee Prince about an hour ago and then I can here to see him nominated!!! I just love him and I love korean dramas and i LOVED Coffee Prince - oh, I can get completely lost in those dramas!!! Glad to see this nomination even if he didn't win =[