Monday, December 15, 2008

One Down Eight To Go

She is offically finished, I stayed up last night to get her finished and im glad i did!. i love the look of a complete cross-stitch its just so pretty and really makes me feel like i've achived something, even if it is something so small :D

Ok due to work and a broken computer the Mr christmas competion has ended and i've decided that the winner is Sally with her nomination :D
Sally that means you win the christmas give-away :) dont worry i still have your address from last year :D i'll send your goodies just after christmas so they dont get caught up in the christmas mail!


Virpi said...

Small? Your stitching looks gorgeous and it doesn't look small at all!

Sally said...

Congratulations on your finish Sammy Jo. She is gorgeous.

I have two more finishes but my DH has taken his camera to work so I can't show them yet!! Typical!!!

Oooh thank you for picking me as the winner of your giveaway! We get to see Zach twice:) ( OK so I'm probably old enough to be his Mum but who cares!!!)

amandajean said...

I LOVE your little cross stitch! it's so sweet!!!