Sunday, December 07, 2008

Squares Apon Squares!

Good evening, now before you all yet the impression that all I've been doing lately is staring at yummy men on the net, i thought id show you what I've really been up to! This is the quilt that my youngest sister Hollie asked me to make for her. This quilt is responsible for the depletion of my stash and my time but i don't mind because my sister seems to be happy with it!
It took me forever to measure and cut these squares out as i don't own a rotary cutter, the stitching shouldn't take to long and I'll start that tomorrow after i run my grandmothers massages
And this is the new hot man, chosen by sally to be contestant number three, Zachary Quinto from heroes! I'm liking the ruff look its very appealing (giggles) :D

Nice choice sally :) Thank you for your nomination :D


Sally said...

That quilt is gorgeous Sammy Jo! I bet Hollie will love it.

MMMM nice piccie of Zachary Quinto! He looks so different there as to how he looks in Heroes. He doesn't have a monobrow in this photo! LOL!

be*mused jan said...

I love, love, love your quilt! That black & white polkadot print really makes the design pop. What a lucky sister!

The Chicken Lady said...

OHMYGOSH. the quilt is darling. I love the colors and the funky little squares. So cute!! :)