Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Several things that i love about cross stitch

*I love the excited feeling you get when you first start a new piece.

*Watching a design come to life on the fabric

*The endless possibilities for a finished cross stitch

*Being able to alter the design to put a little more you in it

*The different colours and textures

*Finishing a design and knowing that every minute you've put into it was worth it!

Happy New Year Everyone, i hope that you all have a wonderful one filled with colour and excitement, also thank you so much for visting me through out the year you have all truely made it a happy one :D


Sally said...

Have toy agree with you there Sammy Jo and your piece is looking lovely.

Happy New Year!

laura west kong said...

so right! and that's a beautiful piece too! =(^_^)=

Kate said...

I agree with all of that - I've had some hibernating for a while I must pull out!

The Chicken Lady said...

Girl, I totally agree with you. I love quilting for the same reasons. Especially the part about changing it to put a little of yourself into it. :)