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I Know, I Know, Im late but do have a good reason one very cute little baby girl pulled a few of my laptop keyboard keys off and i've had to have it fixed lol.
I would like to say that both steph and linda will receive a gift for taking part in my "tell me why" lol thank you ladies i loved what you both wrote!

Linda: One of the many reasons I love my children(even though they are going through the teen years! LOL) is because of what they have taught me! They have taught me unconditional love! They have taught me the power of words! They have taught me the power of actions! They have taught me it is okay to be ME! They have taught me how far my patience can go! They have taught me to laugh till I cried or wet my pants! They have taught me to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!). They have taught me too see the world through their eyes! THey have taught me what it really means to be happy! They have taught me that it's okay I am crazy! They have taught me to live! They have…

What do you love about them...?

EDIT: this give-away has been extended till the 16th march, as i have been informed this post has not shown up as updated. thank you steph! OK so I've been like the worst blogger in the world but i promise I'm going to make it up to you all. I wanna know why you love a certain person in your life, it can be anyone, mother, daughter, son, Nana, husband, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, dad, sister, brother or friend. (get it) any reason in the world. I'm gonna give you three weeks to enter meaning this ends on 10th of march. when i get back from my trip to London i will pick my favourite and that person will receive a gift bought from the arts and crafts show that i just happen to have tickets to lol (cant wait!!)picture taken by curlgirl1 on flicker

I'll start by telling you why i hole family, its mostly because their dysfunctional, crazy and all we do day in day out is wind each other up. its are way of showing just how much we love each other. Secondl…