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Showing posts from February, 2011

First Finish!

After only four years of struggling to see on this 18 count aida i have finally finished the alphabet bumble bee sampler.....
I think this has something to do with the fact that there is a little one on the way and if it pops out a girl then this will be ideal for the nursery if its a boy then at least i have something put away for the next one :) although that wont be for some time! SJ

New Year...... Very Different Start!

Well hello there! Its been a very long time since i've posted here and let me just say that i've missed it :).

I've been keeping up with the blogs i read, i just haven't had the motivation to do much crafting over the last year or so. However that has changed because i am going to be mum and the ideas have been coming in by the boat load. Blankets, bumpers, nappy bags, toys and i might even try making some clothing!

But first i thought i'd finish the projects i already had on the go, like the pooh bear blankets i started for rays niece and nephew.....
This is the quilt top, just waiting for the wadding to come and it will be complete!SJ