Saturday, December 10, 2011

Other Stich happy relatives :)

Now for days I've been complaining to my partner about the post and how most of the stuff I've ordered for Christmas has not come but this morning i got a lovely surprise as all my parcels came, plus one i didn't know about so imagine my smile when i pulled this from the packet!

This is Izzy's first stocking and i must say i love it! Her great Nannie, the woman who spent many hours teaching me to stitch after my mother laid the foundations, made this for her and may i just say that i have never met anyone faster or as perfect at stitching as my Nannie (although sally does give her a run for her money!)

Take care



Christine M said...

Izzy's first stocking is just lovely.

Sally said...

Awww that is gorgeous!

I'm waiting for stuff to come through the post too and now starting to worry!

AJ said...

That is very cute!