Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh Im In Love!

So I hate shopping, no not shoe shopping (that I love, and so does my two year old ;) ) but food shopping!. But I just found a new toy on the internet, my supermarket and it is brilliant.

It brill you can compare all the supermarket prices and you can also earn cashback on some purchases which is awesome!

If you haven't used it yet then you must give it a go, you never know you might like it!

Link is below and if its your first time, if you like you can use my code and we both get £10 off our shopping, of course that's only if you want to.


Now I'm off to look at little shoes I can buy with my savings and cashback for little missy, or I might be good and pop it in out piggy bank for something special.

Take care till next time


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