Thursday, September 05, 2013

Is Having To Much Spoiling My Childs Chance Of A Happy Future?

So tonight i have been completely awakened to a very real possibility, that i am unintentionally ruining my daughters chances of ever just being simply happy. No I'm not just beating myself up needlessly, i read a blog post tonight that made me take a good hard look at what I'm teaching my two year old without even realising it!

My daughter is two and already she has a bedroom full of toys, half of which i could throw away and she would never even notice and with Christmas coming up its bound to get worse! At home i very rarely see her play with one toy for more than 5 minutes before she's running of in search of something else and when i read this post by chance tonight, it made me wonder if she would take this habit and carry it with her for the rest of her life. Would she buy herself something nice only to want more because the first item is not enough?. Am i setting her up for a life of credit payments and living paycheck to paycheck?

I have seen this habit myself in my ex partner, he'd get a new football shirt only to complain he didn't have both versions, he got the new iphone 4s (£54 a month) only to complain a few months later when they brought out the iphone 5! he's in a huge amount of debt, we constantly argued over the money that he was spending and a lot of the time basic necessities had to be provided by my mum because all our money was going on dept or new items he did not need.
I want my daughter to be happy with the simple things in life!

Frankly i do not want my daughter to grow up to be like this, I'm not perfect i impulse buy, never with necessities money, but lets face it spending a fortune on new toys every week, when there is nothing wrong with what she has,  is just as irresponsible as my ex! So I'm starting to contemplate taking away half of my daughters toys and hopefully teaching her to value what she has and encourage her to use her imagination a hole lot more! The lady above took away all of her children's toys and while i think what she did was nothing short of awesome, i don't think my two year old would understand just yet what I'm trying to do so i think I'll start small and work my way up! And while im at it i will be getting shot of some of the stupid things i've bought myself and do not need to be happy!

Take care till next time


Diane-crewe said...

a little bit at a time is how it works xx I am sure that being aware of the potential problem is half the solution x

sammyjo said...

thats my thoughts too, if i just take things slowly and put them away she wont even notice and hopefully i can teacher to value what she does have and be thankful for so much more x

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